Well, fuck you.

Oh, wait. That sounds harsh.

Well, fuck you

That’s better.

Yeah, no way that can be taken in a negative tone, for sure.

Bullshit. That’s what that is.

I recently started texting someone who very quickly called me out on using periods at the end of my texts, saying she heard it was too harsh a way to communicate.

I laughed it off, and declared that I would always use proper punctuation, and to ask me to do anything else would be like asking me to cut my own toe off with a spoon. But not just any spoon. A spoon that’s accidentally been roughed-up in a garbage disposal one time too many.

She then sent me a link to a blog someone wrote, in which the author attempted to prove that using periods in text messages is a practice that makes people assholes.

I got as far as the title and the first six words of the first sentence, then shut the page.

Deniably enraged.

Fuck the author. Fuck the people who believe it. Fuck the whole world if that’s how they really feel.

I’ll use a period in my texts if I so desire. Try and stop me.


Oh my God.

Yeah, I just heard it.

I am an asshole. Like, legit, legit. No wonder I use periods on the end of my text messages. That shit is sound science.


Dan Pearce | The Single Dad Laughing Blog

PS. Don’t try and make sense of the image I used for this post. It only makes as much sense as anything else in this world, apparently.