A Break from the Kumbaya of It All


I needed to say that.

Over on Single Dad Laughing, I’ve been writing my daily #365DaysToLive posts, and let me just tell you that it has been beyond awesome. But…

There’s really nowhere within those posts to effectively say the word “fuck,” or the term “holy shitballs on a Pop Tart.” And since I cut things off with all my degenerate friends, I may be having a real life positivity overload.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m four and a half days into this challenge, and I’ll tell you that I love it so far. My thoughts and mindset were instantly given back to positivity. I have been filled with the desire to do good in my life and the lives of others. And the energy and motivation to get off may ass and make something of my life has come flooding back.

But that shit is also exhausting. It’s beyond exhausting. Today is the fifth day, and I need a break from the kumbaya of it all, so I hereby am coming to all of you with absolutely no purpose but to say…



I love life.

Annnnnd with that, I feel balanced again. Thank you.

Well. Almost balanced. I also need to share a lazy ass photo with all of you that isn’t some epic photo of me trying to be hot or me being the (obviously) perfect dad. Here you go. Me, as I currently am. And, yes. Good of you to ask. That is a bag of jerky keeping me company in my bed.

Dan Pearce - in bed with a bag of jerkey

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