all the fuck words and random bits

all the fuck words and random bits

all the fuck words and random bits

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Hell Hath No Fury Like the Big Brother of a Woman Wronged

So... There's this total dill hole who did something totally dill-holey. And I think we should all teach him that there are actually consequences to being a d-bag.

Well, Universe… That Was Certainly Fucked-Up

Girls don't flirt with me in real life. Not like this one was. It was super cute and actually going somewhere, but before it actually could... The universe stepped in and made sure it could never be.

And *That* Was the Horrible Moment When I Just Knew…

I hired a 19-year-old young woman to come model nude so that I could body paint her. Just to be safe I asked for her ID, and quickly found myself in a mad world of denial.

Don’t Come to MY Home and Expect Me to Live YOUR Morals

I live in Utah, land of the self-declared morally righteous. And this is my rant to those who want to come into my house, expecting me to live life by their standards.

Well, Fuck You. I’ll Use a Period In My Texts If I So Desire.

Apparently there's a big movement trying to prove that people who use periods in their text messages are assholes. Well, this blogger ain't buying.

It Would Appear I Am an Underwear Snob

Beautiful woman. Check. Invitation up to her apartment. Check. Me making it awkward because of a weird underwear situation... Check.