I say “fuck.”

I say it a lot. I’m an avid poker player, and I’m surrounded by real life dastardly degenerates more often than I care to admit. Of course I’m going to say it. “Fuck” is just a fucking word.

I also have a Mormon family. And a Mormon co-parent. And a blog that’s known far and wide as fairly clean, fairly positive, fairly real, and fairly… Ugh. I have 1.4 million followers and I barely could bring myself to write a post on it in 2016. Why? I don’t know. I think mostly because I feel like it’s trying to drop an identity crisis in my lap.

I really do want to get back to writing posts for it, but I feel stuck within its six year “please the conservatives” grasp. I need an extra writing outlet that isn’t Single Dad Laughing. I need a place where I can talk freely, in whatever the fuck-ball language I want to use, saying whatever I want to say.

It’s 3:08 AM. I’ve been working my ass of for the last nine days and I look like hell. I smell even worse because I actually worked-out today and instead of showering, I decided to do a few minutes of work on a project while my body cooled down. Problem was… I’m a workaholic and I never stopped.

I currently have the world’s worst haircut, which was an attempt to fix another absolutely awful cut. I’m a little bitter that my hair stylist of seven years moved to Puerto Rico. Come back, Lisa. I’m begging you.

What else to add desultory details to this inaugural post… Oh. I dumped a girl last month. Three weeks before Christmas. Shit happens. I thought I’d be more sad, but she gave me an extremely passive aggressive gift for Christmas. So… Meh.

Funny thing is, I’m not in a negative mind space. I’m in a “I’m gonna write the first post I ever wrote while not giving two shakes to the wind how the conservatives in my life will take it” mind space. I’m actually in a really good place.

I just jumped head first into all sorts of New Years goals. I also started a new SDLHC Tough Mudder team. April (the month of Mudder) is gonna be kick ass. I just gotta sweat-off a little pudge and force myself to do a shit-ton push-ups until then.

Anyway, I’m going to show discipline and go to bed. It’s almost 3:30 AM.

I do wonder how long before Mike Martinez finds this new blog and this post featuring me with no shirt. He’s been a follower for years and has joked dozens of times that he wants me to post something shirtless. Well, here you go Mike. You’ve gotta find this one on your own, though. I won’t be sharing this on my Single Dad Laughing Facebook page. I probably won’t be sharing any post from this blog on it. If people find it, fine. I’m just not marketing it. This is my place. I’m writing this blog for me.

Fuck, yeah.

Dan Pearce

God that felt good to not write, “Single Dad Laughing” in my sign-off.