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The Great and Ruthless Unfriending Spree

Dan Pearce computer mouse
Now, I don't wanna sound like a douche here, but it's probably inevitable. I do wanna be real about some things, though...

A Goddamn Firehose Betwixt His Hanxious Legs

There was a lot of mystery surrounding the guy living in the apartment above me. But now I can say, with near certainty, that the dude has a firehose hanging between his legs.

Well, My Nemesis Died

Dan Pearce poker
I had a real-life nemesis, and he died. Just like that, he doesn't exist anymore. I'm not quite sure how to feel about that. I only know what I know about him.

That Was a Million Followers Ago…

A million extra followers will change some things...
I think there are a lot of people who love the idea of online fame. The thought of constantly showing up in people's feeds must be a good one because I have some Facebook friends who still post no fewer than three posts every single day. I have it. I don't actually like it. Single Dad Laughing on Facebook has 1.4 million...

All the “Fuck” Words and Desultory Details

all the fuck words and random bits
I say "fuck." I say it a lot. I'm an avid poker player, and I'm surrounded by real life dastardly degenerates more often than I care to admit. Of course I'm going to say it. "Fuck" is just a fucking word. I also have a Mormon family. And a Mormon co-parent. And a blog that's known far and wide as fairly clean, fairly positive,...