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Well, Fuck You. I’ll Use a Period In My Texts If I So Desire.

Apparently there's a big movement trying to prove that people who use periods in their text messages are assholes. Well, this blogger ain't buying.

It Would Appear I Am an Underwear Snob

Beautiful woman. Check. Invitation up to her apartment. Check. Me making it awkward because of a weird underwear situation... Check.

I’m So NOT Miserable

I got drunk. And depressed. I wrote a blog post while in the thick of it. Well, I think I better write this as a follow-up before the world thinks I'm stuck in some eternal depressive hell.

Winter is fucking coming.

Winter is fucking coming. I can feel it. Sure, the temperature dropped today, and sure, that should be my first big clue. But... Oh. Shit. Spoiler alert. I'm drunk. And I have ADD.

Hey… I wrote a fucking awesome book. Why haven’t you read it yet?



Seems I’ve Got a Stage-Four Clinger In My Life

I've got a stage-four clinger in my life, and I'm not so sure how I should handle it, since I can't just breakup or move on like I usually would.

A Break from the Kumbaya of It All

Dan Pearce - in bed with a bag of jerkey
Life is good. Things are positive. Everything is going in the best direction. Things couldn't be better. But FUCK, that shit gets exhausting. Allow me to get balanced here...

Let Me Just Stop You Right There…

Why do people do that?
This post started with me letting you in on a little secret. It ended with a long-overdue rant about the ways women in the dating world go out of their way to make me feel *so* special.

The Real Reason I’m Still Single

Real reason I'm single
I just published a blog post about loving Valentines Day. Yes, I'm still single. And this is the real reason why, along with a couple responses to the icky trolls.

A Shrinker Overthinker

Dan Pearce urology camera
It's done. I survived. And now I will write to make myself feel better about the monstrosity that threatened my manhood, inside and out.

I Think I’m Gonna Need a Stent Double…

A special hell is coming my way, and there's not a thing I can do to avoid it. I don't apologize in advance for making you picture any of this. If I have to... You have to.

Taking the <Ahem> High Road

There's the more factual details I shared over on my other blog about my recent battle with kidney stones... Then there was all this shit from while I was high on pain meds...

The Great and Ruthless Unfriending Spree

Dan Pearce computer mouse
Now, I don't wanna sound like a douche here, but it's probably inevitable. I do wanna be real about some things, though...

A Goddamn Firehose Betwixt His Hanxious Legs

There was a lot of mystery surrounding the guy living in the apartment above me. But now I can say, with near certainty, that the dude has a firehose hanging between his legs.